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Our history
Domenico Pulitanò and Mario Zanchetti founded the law firm in 2006, continuing the solid cooperation which has lasted for over thirty years.
The law firm encapsulates the definitive union of the personality and professionalism of the two professors, each of whom boasts long-standing experience in the provision of assistance in and out of court to natural and legal persons that are involved (or potentially involved) on various grounds in criminal proceedings, with particular reference to cases lying on the cusp of law and economics.
The two professors’ experience has been constructed on the dual foundation of a solid interest in theoretical study and a constant day-to-day contact with the evolution of the techniques and instruments of the economic, financial and the corporate world.

The broad range of multifaceted and multi-sectoral expertise – both practical and theoretical – has permitted the founding partners of the firm to act as major players in important trials that have become leading cases on causality and negligence (in particular with regard to the significance of scientific knowledge and scientific proof), willful conduct (with particular regard to the issue of dolus eventualis) and individual liability within complex organisations.
Developing arguments which have subsequently been accepted in the case law of the merits courts and of the Supreme Court, the firm’s partners have contributed to important recent developments in criminal justice.