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The Law Firm
The founding partners of the Firm are Professor Domenico Pulitanò and Professor Mario Zanchetti. Scholars of criminal law and practising barristers, the two professors established the hallmark of the Firm as the union of legal theory and legal practice, guaranteeing the utmost seriousness and excellence from its professionals.

The firm provides a fully integrated range of legal assistance relating to proceedings in and out of court in the area of “white collar crimes”, in particular, in relation to corporate crimes, banking and financial crimes, tax crimes, environmental and employment law crimes, physicians’ liability and the criminal law protection of the rights of the person and privacy.

The firm offers specific and qualified expertise in the drafting and updating of organisational and administrative models for legal entities, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001, and provides assistance concerning the administrative liability of legal entities connected to the commission of crimes, provided for in the same legislation.

The firm has offered and continues to offer legal assistance to leading companies and important industrial, banking, insurance and financial groups in Italy and abroad (from the UK, France, Germany, the USA, China, etc.) and their managers who are involved as defendants or civil claimants in many of the most important cases involving economic crimes in the recent years.

The firm has accrued a vast experience in cases that require cooperation between judicial, investigative and supervisory authorities from different countries, and has established deep-rooted and fruitful cooperation with important international firms. Its linguistic competence and scientific and professional expertise in trans-national and cross-border “white collar” crimes enable the Firm to offer legal assistance and legal advice to the most exacting professional standards.

The firm also uses an important network of technical experts, with a high level of preparation and specialisation in various fields.